About Melbourne

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is the second largest city in Australia. Its multicultural atmosphere is set amongst Victorian-era buildings and gorgeous parkland. It has a population of just over 3 million people, and is a picturesque place with so much to offer the visitor and resident alike. Melbourne is spread around Port Phillip Bay. The city itself is laid out in a large rectangle and boasts a lively and cosmopolitan pulse. It sits on the northern banks of the Yarra River, about five kilometres from the bay.

Some facts about Melbourne:

In 2012 Melbourne was ranked as the best city to live in in Australia, and the best in the world by The Economist newspaper’s survey.

Melbournians are sports enthusiasts and the city hosts tennis' Australian Open, one of the world’s four Grand Slam championships and the first race of the Formula One season, the F1 Grand Prix, along with numerous other local and international sports events.

Melbourne is often called the cultural capital of Australia, with its many art galleries, film festivals, vibrant live music scene, and a strong food, wine and coffee culture.

Melbourne is renown as a city of education, attracting students from all over the world to its many excellent colleges  and world-class  universities.

Melbourne's 3.8 million population is multicultural (with large Greek, Italian, Vietnamese and other immigrant communities)